I launched Rebooted Body in January of 2013. Six months later we were doing enough in revenue for me to quit my job as a martial arts instructor and studio co-owner.

Today, we’re still doing well and growing each year. The entire thing has been, and continues to be, bootstrapped. While that makes for slower growth, it also makes for less risk.

What I want to do in this article is lay out the general strategy we employ for driving traffic and sales so you can get a better understanding of how we’re playing offense.

First, we need to discuss the end goal for people who are introduced to our brand…

The Academy

Ultimately, this is where we want people to end up. Our online academy. This is a separate website, installed in a subdomain of RebootedBody.com (http://academy.rebootedbody.com). At some point, I’ll do a separate article on why we chose to build a completely separate website for our clients.

We used to sell both guides and programs. We currently sell programs exclusively. There are two core programs that solve the two biggest challenges our clients face. Then there are some alternative offerings.

Total Body Reboot

This is a 90-day program that solves the nutrition/fitness/lifestyle side of things for anyone who is ready to adopt a practical, sustainable approach to getting and keeping a body and life they love. It’s a fully supported program that transitions people to real food, functional fitness, and other important self-care/lifestyle adjustments.

Check out the program

Decode Your Cravings

This is our flagship program. It’s 100% geared toward healing your relationship with food, body, and Self, overcoming emotional eating, stress eating, binge eating, etc.

Since 70%+ of men and women have a dysfunctional relationship with food, body, and Self to a meaningful degree (which causes significant inconsistency issues), this program serves as “the missing link” for getting and keeping a body and life you love. It highlights and solves a massive underlying challenge that most people who are struggling have never addressed.

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1-1 Coaching

We offer a high-touch, higher end offering that gives people access to both of our programs as well as a direct coaching relationship with myself and Zach, the head coach of our academy. This offering has limited availability and is the absolute #1 way for people to make sure shift happens in their life.

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Corporate Wellness

Starting at the beginning of 2017 we started dabbling in the corporate wellness space. We have landed two corporate clients so far and we have plans to continue to scale this side of things. We’re basically on-boarding companies into Total Body Reboot and building out custom experiences for them. We hope to start incorporating Decode Your Cravings content as well.

So, those are the offerings. The question now, is, “how do we get people to pull the trigger on them?”

Note: some people choose to criticize businesses for only wanting to sell things. I wrote about why that’s an absurd and short-sighted criticism in, You Just Want to Sell Your Programs.

The Main Site

The main website, of course, is found at RebootedBody.com. It’s currently averaging between 100k and 200k unique visitors a month. There’s a lot going on there, so let’s break it down.


The main source of traffic to the site is organic search traffic. Most of the traffic comes from Google to articles that I’ve published on the site.

My basic strategy for article writing is to inform, entertain, and motivate action. Every article I write is written to a specific buyer persona—our target audience.

The goal of every article is to inch someone closer to joining one of our programs because that’s ultimately where we can create the most positive change for people.

As of this writing, there are currently around 175 in-depth articles available on the site and we post a new article one to two times a week.

Most of these articles range from 1000-5000 words. Almost all of them have been written by me and almost all of them are informative “evergreen” articles. That means they’ll be relevant for years (they’re not news, updates, personal stuff, etc.).

In case there’s any confusion, that’s a shit load of work.

While some people might join a program right after reading an article, most probably won’t. While the articles often mention our programs, the real goal is to get people interested enough to join our email list.


The next arm of the main platform is the Rebooted Body Podcast. This is a show that I started in Spring of 2013. It’s grown to over 150 episodes, most of which are an hour long (also a shit load of work). Some of them are longer. Some are interviews and some are solo shows. Some are well-produced presentations. It’s a nice variety.

That show has amassed over 200 five-star reviews on iTunes alone and is closing in on a million downloads. It’s consistently ranked at the top of the charts in Nutrition & Fitness.

Many men and women who end up becoming clients have done so after listening to the podcast. It’s a huge tool for building trust and communicating value, information, and motivation.

My goal is to post a new episode every week. It doesn’t always get done, but I’m pretty consistent. I also appear consistently as a guest on other top podcasts.


There are currently a few dozen videos on the site, pulled from our YouTube channel. We haven’t done nearly enough with video and that’s one of our biggest goals to improve for 2017.

I’d love to post one new video every week. That’s something I’m working towards.

Email List

Lastly, we provide value through our email list, which is also our most effective sales tool. This is one of the most important steps people will take in the buying process and the biggest goal for us.

When someone gets on the email list, we have a series of automated emails that helps them get on the right track for the challenges they face. It educates them on how we can help them solve those challenges and tells them about the program that would fit them best.

Once that automated series has completed, they start receiving my personal emails that I sit down and write each week (usually on Tuesdays).

Sister Properties

We currently have two sister sites/projects. The goal of these sites is to provide a ton of value, of course, but to cast a wider net as well. Again, the #1 goal for every business is sales and that requires traffic and leads.


We just recently launched this site to aggregate the web’s best real food recipes. We collect leads by allowing people to create an account to save and rate recipes. It’s a win-win in that it provides people a single location for all their real food recipe needs while also helping us grow our audience.

Check it out

Bite-Size Wellness Podcast

This is a brand new podcast that Zach Franke is going to host for us. Again, the goal is to provide value while having a major impact on the growth of our audience. It’s launching March 2017.

If this podcast is a success, we may continue to expand our podcast offering by creating an entire Rebooted Body podcast network. It’s an idea that I’ve been kicking around for a while.

Check it out

Live Events

We’re currently organizing and running different types of events. We have an ongoing goal to connect with as much of our audience as possible in a deeper way. We really thrive on the personal connection we can develop with people. We want to be an extremely human company in every capacity.


We’re currently organizing the first ever Movementum Retreat. You can get more details here. Right now, this is the only way to chill and connect with us live and in the flesh. In the future, the goal is going to be to host two live retreats per year.

Online Summit/Conference

We’re going to be organizing our first online conference in 2017 as well. I think we’re going to call it the Body. Life. Love. conference. The goal is to bring in a ton of experts to provide a ton of value. The conference will be free to experience live online and then when it’s over everyone will have the option of buying access to all of the recordings and bonus materials.


Webinars have been a great educational and sales tool for us. I’m still working on finding a way to consistently drive new traffic to webinars via Facebook Ads because the conversion rate is very good. When I can spend an hour educating people live online and then answering their questions, they are highly motivated to invest in our programs.


In fall of 2016 I gave my first live talk and had an amazing experience. I’m looking to continue to expand my public speaking going forward as much as possible.

Social Media Properties

We’ve tried our hand at many different social media platforms in the past, but we’ve chosen to limit our efforts to three for now.


We have a branded Facebook page but we also do a lot through our personal profiles. Organic reach for brand pages is pretty much dead so we have to pay to boost some posts and then run ads for other purposes.

On Mondays you can usually find me doing a Mindset Monday or Motivation Monday Facebook Live appearance.


We have a Rebooted Body brand account on Instagram.

We have an account on Pinterest as well, but we need an intern to make it successful—someone who knows Pinterest in and out. If that’s you, let us know.


Video is the future, it seems. Therefore, we’re going to be getting heavily into video going forward. If you’re interested in watching that unfold, subscribe to the Rebooted Body channel.

That’s pretty much it…for now.

Running an online business is not easy and I don’t want to make it seem easy. In fact, it’s the hardest and often most frustrating thing I’ve ever done and it has become exponentially harder since having a second child.

Entrepreneurship is in my blood though. And helping people get a body and life they love is a passion of mine. 85% of the time, doing all this stuff doesn’t feel like work.

I also have been asked many times, “if you could go back and make the decision again, would you choose to quit your previous career and business?” Emphatically, yes. Without question. What I’m doing now is light years more fulfilling than what I was doing previously, with better people, and far more upside.

If you’re interested in specific tools and resources that I recommend, make sure you check out this page.


Want to Pull Back the Curtain on My Online Businesses? Join My Free Insider's List...

I guarantee 100% privacy.

Want to Pull Back the Curtain on My Online Businesses? Join My Free Insider's List...


Want to Pull Back the Curtain on My Online Businesses? Join My Free Insider's List...

I guarantee 100% privacy.

Want to Pull Back the Curtain on My Online Businesses? Join My Free Insider's List...


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